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Page history last edited by EveHJ 9 years, 2 months ago

    Paintball war

                             By: Eve


The sky was clear like water in a glass,

The sun so hot,

Like an unstoppable forest fire,

Warriors hiding behind boulders,

Reloading their weapons,

Preparing for war as if they were fighting for their country,





One yelled,

Like a howler monkey,                                                          Poem Type: Sports

among the tree tops,

Breaths were heavy,

Pain was among,

The flesh which would of never have been undone,

Shots were fired,

Colors were splattered,

As if Vincent Van Gogh painted the forest,


Run some yelled,

Some screamed of pain,

The agony,

Some felt,

Screaming like a thousand bee’s targeted many,

but not so few,

The war was fierce,

The war was a victory for all,

In the end,

Sunset had come upon the skies,

The clouds seemed to become exciting again,

and friends no longer soldiers on different sides,

Of the battle field,

Maybe next time one said.

That time was the weekend after,

As long as they were happy,

Pain in a battle never beat the memories of promising friends.








My Kitty, Forever so shall it be


The animal which could never live in a zoo,

But within my heart,

This animal was all white,

But named after a cartoon,

He was rare,

yes indeed,

He had two different color eyes,

Yes I see,


I love my cat so much,

He’s five years old almost today,

I love my cat Whitie,

He acts like a cartoon,

He jumps so high,

Like a mountain in the sky,

My poor cat,

He was born,

Never could hear anything through both ears,

Oh how I want you to come here,

But it’s alright,

Don’t you see,

You never could hear,

So your voice was magnified,

Like a baby chimpanzee,


He was there through thick and thin,

I can’t see him,

I guess I can’t,

He’s so precious,

He’s so special,

But now his tumor,

Is the size of a quarter,

I hope you fight it away,

Yes I do,

You’ve been mine,

Since age nine,

I love you Whitie,

Forever so shall it be,

You are the victory I have had,

I hope you don’t think I forgot about you,

You make me cry,


When you are gone,

It makes me sad,

Whenever you’re not around,

You poor thing,

You’ve been through so much,

I don’t wanna ever let you go,

Don’t you see,

Whatever's best for you,

I guess I’ll let it be.







                     Bella Bear


I remember walking through that door,

That door as red as a cherry,

My home which I guess I no longer belong,

But I remember being so happy,

I left my home,

Yes I did,

I remember seeing you,

My Bella Bear,

You were beautiful,

indeed you were,

I remember your beautiful brown eyes,

I was always hypnotized,

You were fluffy,

You were pitch black,

You made my smile,

spin around from a frown,

You had a beautiful smile,

I know you do,

Your tongue was purple,

Oh how beautiful which you were,

My Bella Bear you made me so happy,

You turned my life around,

You made it seem as if the sky was in place,

I love you,

Yes I do,

You are my dog,

Indeed you are,

Your cheeks,

I remember so squishy,

You loved seeing me,

Walk through that door,

You loved to play games,

You loved to play hide n’ seek,

You jumped around,

Like a kangaroo,

I remember your hugs,

I remember you a lot,

I remember you made my life spin around,

You loved to run,


Yes I know you did,

I miss you a lot,

I know indeed that’s a lot,

You are so beautiful,

You are so loving,

You were so playful,

Indeed you were kind of heavy,

I could pick you up,

Just like a baby,

You weren’t too small,

You weren’t too tall,

You were up to my knees,

Just like you should be,

You were half husky,

You were half chow,

You were a beautiful mix,

I agree with that,

Everyone who saw you,

Fell in love with you,

I remember you my Bella Bear,

You were never violent,

Unless you thought,

A dog was tougher than you,

You were so strong,

You were so playful,

I miss petting you,

I miss flopping your ears,

Even when my mom said your face looked like a bear,

I did not care,

You are my Bella Bear,

I hope I get to see you again,

I hope that’s soon.





  A Darkened enlightened day 


The clouds darkened,

The fog,

The mist,

Collided amongst the sea,

There was no moon,

There was not a single star,

The only light was violently crashing across the sky,

It was midnight,

The cursed seas,

They dared upon,

The waves thrashing towards the boat,

Hoping to drag an innocent man,

To his doom,

The waves were blood-thirsty,

The waters were cursed,

How could this be,

The sky was loudly screaming,

Of the evil lights smashing,

Against the rocks that still stood,

The darkened clouds,

Seemed to still be grieving,

The past of the dead that lay at the bottom of the seas,

The boat was still up,

It was flooding with fish,

It was flooding with water,

That seemed to be reaching,

Towards the feet of the living,

The cursed waters,

Why didn’t they listen,

A man was praying,

How could this be,

One man asked,

Grabbing his hammer,

Seconds away from beating a man alive,

The evils of the waters,

Walk and feed off of the evil and sin of those men whom have killed,

Then what they felt beneath their feet,

Was something unexpected,

The man with the hammer stopped and listened,

The waters stop crashing and thrashing,

Their boat was no longer moving,

The Lightning stopped screaming and smashing amongst the waves,

But the rain kept on going,

and the hammer in his hand,

was gripped tight,

Like an Iron hand,

The angels yelled saying stop,

No murder,

No death,

Don’t you see this is the cursed seas of all cursed seas,

And the Christian stood on his feet,

And watched the man swing the hammer at him,

But he missed every time,

And the man put his left hand on the evil mans head,

And started speaking in God’s language,

He trembled,

and heard the wrath of God’s voice,

And then the christian stood back and watched the man open his eyes,

“I’m sorry” he cried,

Please forgive me for I did not know what I was about to do was wrong.








 I will never stop fighting


The world seems lonely,

The world seems dark,

Without the ones,

That I care about so much,

The moon seems to never appear,

Whenever I think of you,

My heart is near,

You are the ones I love,

The people,

Who raised me from young,

I love everyone,

Even though there are few,

Who remain,

After the terrible battle of many,

I should've lied,

I should've never told,

My deep and dark secret,

That not so many know,

They are gone,

Gone out of my sight,

Yet it seems,

I want to see you at midnight,

Can you see,

My heart is strong,

and should’ve crumbled beneath the tumbling walls,

We are broken,

We used to be one,

I used to think we were all strong together,

You left me,

Don’t you see that my heart is aching,

It’s breaking slowly,

Like a rose paddle dying like a snail moving,

I am looking through the dark,

To see if you are there,

To see if you are weeping,

If I see you cry,

I will stumble and fall,

I will lean,

To put your head on my shoulder,

If you can’t see a peck of light,

I will bring a lantern around,

You are the seas,

To my fishing sharks,

I love you all,

Even though there’s a crack,

Could we please repair,

The crack in the mirror,

I on one side,

and an army of you on the other,

I’m screaming and yelling,

but I am soundproof,

To your unwilling ear,

I want to see the faces,

Of those I haven't seen,

For what seems like a decade,

Of an eternity of pain,

I will smile,

For a thousand years,

If it means I can see you all laugh again,

You are locked,

Behind these doors,

Shut from existence,

Just so I can never see,

There will be a victory,

And I shall fight,

To see a gleam of light,

I will stay,

In place,

Just to see the faces of those,

Who ran as if there was a wicked tree,

Who came to eat you alive,

I have been fighting,

I have been strong,

I have these battle scars,

My blood is pouring,

Like a terrible storm of only rain,

I would give my life,

To save all of yours,

I love you all,

And will keep fighting,

In this non-stop war,

Just to see you all again.








     The Darkened Memories of my shadow


I was just a lad,

Wanting to swim upon the sea shore,

nothing could ever be the same,

I can see my memories like a daydream,

Never to be awakened of,

They dance upon the waters,

As if speaking to me,

But I remember the voice,

Pulling me to shore,

The voice sounds like a siren pulling me to shore,

Only to eat me alive,

The mirror,

In which captures my reflection,

Never to be expected of,

I can see,

Like a dream of a memory but I can not stop thine self,

From doing what has been done,

Except now I can see,

I shadow that lurks around even in my daydream,

The sun  intentionally going away,

Afraid of the darkness I could not see in the past,

Like it cloaked itself in a invisible cloak,

Never wanting to be seen,

I could see myself,

Sitting on a purple bed with a guitar in the corner,

I can see,

The darkness telling me to look in the mirror,

And hearing him say in a whisper of death,

Cold as the arctic sea,

Will never let me be,

Telling me,

“Go to the mirror and you will see nothing but a mystery,

I’m the monster,

I’m the darkness,

That crept upon your night”

But to me it was a mystery,

My angel was guarding me,

But I remember it like it was nothing,

I used to feel the darkness,

Overwhelming me in pure seed of darkened skies,

I was the light,

So the dark saw me and I saw myself looketh upon my hidden face,

Seeking beyond what happened in the past,

It was as if I were trapped in a cage,

In the inside I could see the younger me crying on the inside,

Yelling run,

This is my fight,

I believed in God,

But fadly in the past,

Goeth away I yelled,

But the monster stopped time and said,

How are you doing,

I can’t wait to get out of your head,

and lurk as a shadow once again,

The light was burning him,

For he could not see,

The angel,

My angel lurking from the sky,

I was dark in the past,

I enjoyed the dark,

Now I enjoy light,

And no longer wish to see the depth of the deep,

And wanting to crept upon the shore,

That was god’s way of telling me,

I have changed,

Turned from dark to light,

I remember the old me,

But I’m living the new one,

The one I am proud of,

The one I no longer tell thine self,

That I was nothing but glass.





More lies then possible 



I have been lied to more than there are existing stars,

And each time felt like I was stabbed a million times,

They always look me in the eyes when they do,

And I stare deep into their soul,

And see them die a little inside,

I never know,


Who will lie next,

And who the next crow will be,

They hide,

And enjoy to lie,

I've been through pain,

The kind no one should,

I’ve been afraid like no human being has before,

My life,

Was almost gone,

Tres times,

I guess they don’t know that’s before I was four,

I guess they don’t know sometimes they can be a bore,

I can hide,

But not from the truth,

I know what’s wrong,

and what’s right,

But I’m only human,

According to my soul that’s no excuse,

The grimm reaper,

Into which I know is called,

Can’t get me now,

Let’s see about next time,

He will lose and I will win,

Because God is on my side,





I don’t care,

You’ll never get me,

Not a single hair,

I’ve been fighting.




The Dislike of School


Back in the olden days,

I guess I can say,

People talk however they want,

But they and I have one thing alike,

A dislike,

Towards the board,

We can all hear it screech,

As it watches our ears bleed,

For me,

It’s still an ancient mystery,

The chalk is so noisy,

It’s always so pointy,

As it writes,

It knows we are never alone,

But it shrivels,



Towards the ground beneath it’s non existing feet,

I wonder how,

No one can turn upside down,

At least for now but I am clueless for now,

Some say the board was around,

When there was nothing but a frown,

On an innocent clown,

The eraser is still there,

I can feel all my hair,

stand up on my body,

When that eraser goes up,

I hear something like a mythical collage of one.












   Little Snake


Come here little snake,

Would you like to have some cake,

I'm all alone,

And there no phone,

Sometimes I know,

I can't go somewhere just to go,


Hey little snake,

I'm sorry you had to have that snack,                 Poem Type: AA,BB,AA and six lined stanza's

Would you prefer some mice,

Or maybe some rice,

Would you like to have a hat,

As long as it's not my cat,


Hello little snake,

Do you like it here,

Even though you have no ears

Slither away,

Into your golden age,

I understand how it feels to feel all alone,


Hello little snake

Hope you have no foe

Go away now,

And enjoy your day,

You'll always come around,

At least twice a day.




A cat with angel wings


He's so lazy,

He's really fat,

That poor cat,

He's the color blue,

I wish his eyes were too,


He thinks everything is his,

His mind can go to bliss,

When he lays,

It's usually for days,

And yet his name does not start with a k,


He once was almost thirty pounds,

But how,

Is unknown,

To my phone,

At least for now,


I can do Mr.Spider with my kitty,

His pumples grow huge,

Like a balloon,

He's weird,

But I really do not care,


He's really playful,

He's really helpful,

He cuddles when he senses tears,

Or sadness or anything in your eyes,

He an angel in descize.






    I'm no fool


You are all school,

But I am no fool,

You take me into a trance,

For you have no chance,

I'm stuck in my head,

Yes I think we meet again,

For I've told a story unknown,

About a wolf who lost his way,

Way back in the day,

And a horse who was unable to eat hay,

But the Jury usually says nay,


My stories will either make you mad,

Or make you sad,

Some of my stories,

Will make you think of only an emotional roller coaster,

Like a pop that has no coaster,

For I've been told that my stories are dark,

Darker then a room painted black and no light,

During the night,

I have confession,

That evolves into a question,


Some think I am too weird,

And they do think I care,

Well guess again,

For what has happened,

Is nothing near,

To the freshening,

To an awakening,

I am whole,

But I am one,

And also a single soul.







Comments (20)

BrianneR said

at 8:35 am on May 21, 2015

I like how long specific you wrote your poems. They were all deep and it was really cool to read.

Pauline C said

at 8:35 am on May 21, 2015

I like how you used many different similes in "Paintball War"

kevin b said

at 8:45 am on May 21, 2015

I like your paintball war poem because it showed me that no matter what you can play with people and still be friends when your not playing with a paintball gun.

Dylan said

at 8:47 am on May 21, 2015

Very long poems and I like them too but very long

Natasha G. said

at 8:55 am on May 21, 2015

I like all the action in Paintball war.

Trenten M said

at 8:56 am on May 21, 2015

I like the Dislike of school poem because it is showing how you fell about school

Emma P said

at 9:01 am on May 21, 2015

It looks like you spent a lot of time on yours. Good job.

Joey S. said

at 9:12 am on May 21, 2015

I like your snake one because I really love snakes not as much as turtles though.

Megan K said

at 9:25 am on May 21, 2015

I liked the Dislike of school, because it was very relatable.

Stryker L. said

at 9:28 am on May 21, 2015

I like the paintball one because You don't know what going to happen

Levi L. said

at 9:28 am on May 21, 2015

I like how detailed all of your poems are.

Tanner G said

at 9:30 am on May 21, 2015

I liked how you detailed how a paintball war is like and how fun it is

Dylan B said

at 9:34 am on May 21, 2015

I like the paintball one because at the beginning of it there is nothing about paintball and it will confuse the reader.

SierraF said

at 9:39 am on May 21, 2015

I liked the dislike of school one. I can relate to it sometimes.

Mady T. said

at 9:40 am on May 21, 2015

I thought the Dislike of school because we all know we can relate to this poem. You have a lot a very motivational poems that amazing. You are really good at making poems. Good jobs Eve!

Jocelyn K said

at 9:42 am on May 21, 2015

I enjoyed your My kittie poem because it describes how much you love your kittie.

Weller C said

at 1:28 pm on May 21, 2015

Wow, all of your poems are really long and deep. Good job.

Ezra S said

at 2:02 pm on May 21, 2015

I like how your poem are so lengthy. It's like reading many mini books. It's very fun.

Tracy H said

at 8:51 am on May 22, 2015

I like how you made poems long so then its more action.

Moises C. said

at 9:21 am on May 22, 2015

All you're poems are great i'm sure you like to write long poems which is great because they all turned out amazing.

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